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Acquire and retain customers by providing excellent customer service. Lightweight and mobile-friendly CRM.
Run your business with the diamond standard in customer relationship management.
Turn leads into your customers and grow your business.

Customer service

Gives you a 360-degree comprehensive view of customers that shows everything there is to know about a customer from the first point of contact

  • Add new customers
  • Easy access to customer data
  • Advanced filters and search capabilities
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Lead management

Automatically tracks all points of communications, from lead acquisition to closed sales and sales histories.

  • Streamline client correspondence through filters. Schedule client engagements.
  • Generate leads/opportunities from your website contact page directly into your CRM account.
  • Integrated (webhooks) with live chat.
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Keep track of your customer relationships

  • Get notified by scheduled activities
  • Track the volumes of new customer acquisitions
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Social media

Build customer connection on social media

Collect customers Facebook's Messenger and Telegram contacts for fast and easy communications.

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The CRM that really works for you.


Secure access: All data is transferred over secure channel (https).

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Compliant: all customer records are fully encrypted with unique encryption key.

free CRM PII ecrypted data

Hackers will be disappointed!


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  • 1 CRM user
  • up to 20 customers/leads
  • up to 10 notes per lead/customer
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